Q: Earliest check-in and check-out time?
A: Check-in would be at 3pm and check-out time at 12pm

Q: Any additional charges for children?
A: Children age 4 below may share the bed with a parent. The rate for additional child from 5 and above years old would be RM 45 (max no. per house is 2 pax)

Q: Can check-in after midnight?
A: Yes you may, Roots will forward you the check-in procedures upon email confirmation

Q: Is Roots wheelchair friendly? Baby cots provided?
A: No and no

Q: Can I take pre-wedding photo shoot?
A: Yes but only around the garden, swimming pool and inside booked chalet (your own). You are not allowed to shoot at other chalets, even if they are not occupied. Rates are exclusive for in-house guests only.

Q: Any special discount for government servants?
A: No discounts

Q: Any mosquitoes / insects or precaution that we should be aware of, as we might bring kids along?
A: No incidents on animal-related so far. As a measure to protection from mosquito bites, we do provide electric repellents for every room. Please refrain from using mosquito coils in the room, you are free to use it outside, out on the balcony

Q: Any difference between the High and Low Orchard Standard Villas?
A: The Highs are 2 1/2 meter elevated off the ground whereas the Lows are a meter off the ground :)

Q: Can we have more than the limit number of people staying in the respective rooms?
A: Sorry, we do not allow that. A child to share a bed with parent has to be 4 years below

Q: Can we change the booking date after confirmation?
A: Yes, notification required one week before (deposit non-refundable past the limit time) and subject to availability

Q: What is the Balinese shower?
A: Balinese shower is an open roof concept. You would be surrounded by semi brick wall and bamboo with an open roof

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