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Nestled in the curve of Kinta Valley is Ipoh’s best kept secret. The Roots, a relaxing getaway, built with the mighty Kinta River flowing through it, is the newest addition to the ecological tourism scene, combining high octane adventure sport with sustainable living. The Roots has developed this resort to have minimal impact on the surrounding environment. You can come for an overnight getaway, or for just an afternoon or evening activity, meal and drinks.

In Resort Recreational

Seasonal Fruits

If adventure doesn’t float your boat then worry not. An epicurean weekend getaway, complete with the chance for you to pluck fruits such as rambutan, durian, duku langsat, mangosteen etc that grown in abundance all around the resort. The fruit season is usually mid year and end year.

Volleyball Court - Soft sand to play 

Sandpit - Kids can built castles, very own Roots little sand haven


 Children of all ages can  jump for joy and also jumping up and down for exercise or as a sport with nature!!!



     White water rafting

     Duration:  approximately 6 hours for the whole trip including traveling to the spot and safety briefing,   

     equipments by professional guides.

     Rapid level 3 - 4

     Duration of rafting: approximately 3 hours


     Pick up from Roots at 9.00am

     Minimum age - 12 years old

     3 day advance booking.

     Price - RM300 per pax


    Sunset trekking

    Duration: 1.5 hours of trekking.

    Panoramic view of 360 degrees from the top of the hill

    BBQ dinner by the river rapids

    Pick up from Roots from 4.00pm

     Minimum age - 8 years old

    3 day advance booking.

    Price – RM170 per pax


    Waterfall abseiling

    Duration: 1 hour of abseiling 

    Traditional Malay lunch by the river rapids

    Height of waterfall - 26 feet


    Pick up from Roots from 9.00am

    Minimum age - 12 years old

    1 day advance booking.

    3 day advance booking.

    Price - RM250 per pax


    Night walk

    2 hours walk to an Orang asli village at the footsteps of Mount Korbu. (Off road trek)

    Traditional orang asli dinner at the village.


    Pick up from Roots from 6.00pm

    Minimum age - 12 years old

    3 day advance booking.

    Price - RM170 per pax



 Fascinating places near The Roots

Gua Tempurung (Cave)

This cave system makes for a unique and interesting day trip. A variety of tours are available from simple walk through the cave’s cathedral-like chamber to a ‘wet tour through the underground river system beneath the cave.

Gua Tambun

These caves will take you back 3,000 years and primitive cave drawings will shed some light on what life may have been like in the Kinta Valley long before explorers from West arrived and the region fell into the hands of colonial powers. Other cave systems allow visitors to explore the underground river systems and marvel at the cathedral-like chambers created over millions of years.



Kellie's Castle

A trip to the enigmatic castle is a great way to discover how Malaysia changed under colonial rule. Exploring this colonial relic whic was los to the jungle until the givernment restored in 2000. The tragic story of the one time patron, William Kellie-Smith can be uncovered here. The castle also serves as backdrop to Malaysia's history of colonial prospectors who arrived in the 19th century to exploit natural resources in form of rubber plantations and tin mining. 

Jungle Trekking

We organise Jungle Trekking to a remote Orang Asli village on the mountain through a short jungle trek and suspension bridge over a breathtaking river with rapids. You may have a refreshing dip in the river as well - RM250.00 per trip with a guide (maximum 10 pax).

Orang Asli Village (Local Malaysian Tribemen)

Orang Asli still thrive in the nearby Kinta hills Forest Reserve, which features Gunung Korbu, the second highest peak in Peninsula Malaysia at 2,138 meters as well as a great diversity of the country's captivating native flora and fauna. The reserve is a great place for trekking and bird watching

Eco & School Trips

The Roots makes a safe and stimulating location for school field trips to be based. Visiting groups will enjoy the security offered by the private grounds and the inspiring feeling of being so close to nature and local culture. Ecofieldtrips, a Singapore based company has been taking school children from around the world on field trips in Malaysia for over a decade, and has chosen The Roots as its base for a new Perak field trip.


Perak combines limestone hills, extensive mangrove forests, thriving Orang Asli tribes and some of the most impressive cave systems in South East Asia to offer a unique and refreshing option for geography, biology or history field trips. Visiting students will be presented with an unmatched combination of adventure, history, culture and nature exploration, making for an unforgettable and inspiring educational experience.

Ecofieldtrips places great importance on raising awareness of environment conservation and sustainability issues, particularly to young people who have the power to shape the future of our planet. As such, students on the Perak field trip will have a chance to re-plant mangrove seedings in the area which has been deforested, thus replenishing what is an important habitat for many endangered bird species and one of the fastest disappearing ecosystems on the planet.

Alongside conserving places of beauty and environmental significance, the conservation of indigenous cultures is equally vital. Students will join Ecofieldtrips in celebrating cultural traditions including food and dance with the Orang Asli of the Kinta Hills. As a growing urban Malay population expands, the  Orang Asli find themselves at the margins of society and pressure to abandon their deep-rooted beliefs and practices.

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